Your Rescued Dogs

Thank you, DogWork fans, for featuring your rescued pets and for giving them a new forever home and a ton of love. Without further ado, your pets!


Spanki is an only child now and very spoiled. we rescued her 6 yrs ago when owners were divorcing and she was getting dumped. It took some time to settle in but she is a happy girl.. - Di Kostielny Goodrich




This is Genna, my rescued Havanese. She was rescued from a disreputable breeder in WV. The breeder only agreed to part with her because Genna had never come into season and was, therefore, not breedable. So after living in a cage for 2 years, she was rescued! I found her on and travelled from PA to get her. She is now 8 years old and she makes me smile every day. - Cheryl Guthrie Thompson




Spike Rescued March 2004 at approx. 2 years old. He filled out a little after being rescued. He went from 60LBS to 95LBS in 3 months. - Bud Rutter




This is Olivia. Our beautiful little rescue from California. We set out to rescue two Basset hounds but had to put her mother down due to age and health issues. Olivia and her mom were dumped at the pound with over grown nails, weight loss and parasites in their bellies... Olivia is now living in Arizona with her new friend Riley, also a basset hound, and a family who will love her furever! - Dawn Bowker-Sivert




My best friend, Hooch! We rescued him from Lancaster Co. Humane League 4 years ago! He was found as a puppy wandering the streets of Lancaster. He has been a GREAT addition to our family. He loves everyone he meets...especially my grandsons!!! And surprise, surprise...Hooch is a PIT BULL!!!! Smartest and most loveable dog I have ever owned. Well, truth be known, he owns me!!! ♥ - Jane Unruh Good




This is my rescue named Buddy. He has helped me get thru the hard times of chemo therapy and radiation treatments. Always by my side. Who rescued who? - Juanita Kenner




Our dog Jack, the inspiration behind our iPhone App, SimDoggy was a rescue. He was overweight yellow lab (105lbs) with behavior issues. We adopted him and put him on a exercise and diet program and turned him into a happy &healthy guy. We built the app to help others and fight pet obesity. Here's jack now. - Slim Doggy




This is Laci. I rescued her from a shelter 4 months ago where she had been living in a cage for 10 one wanted her. She had been found wandering the streets with no ID. The vet thinks she's about 5 years old and it was obvious that she had been through a lot and had been abused. She's an absolute sweetheart with me, adores me, and is so happy living with me, her new "mommy." DNA testing revealed she's 50% chihuahua and a mixture of other breeds. - Cheryl Briggs




This is Wilma. She was found wandering between the houses up the street from us. When we got her she weighted 4lb had heartworm, bad teeth and according to our vet, was about 4yrs old. He thinks she was used as a puppy mill dog until they realized she had heartworm. Now a year later,,,she heartworm free, teeth are much better and up to around 11lbs. - Bill N Sandy McKeever




These are my five rescued babies. The one in the front was my "on purpose" adoption. The other four are foster failures. I have a foster now, but refuse to fail again! - Allison West Claudet




This is Yoda. He's a rescue from Pennsylvania by way of Kentucky. He's also a Giants fan. We got him in Sept of 2010, to keep our older dog Ernie (a Shih Tzu) company. Ernie passed in 2011, and Yoda was there to keep us company. He's a Brussels Griffon, Maltese mix. He'll be four years old next January. - Rob Morganbesser




This is Mia... I rescued her 3 mos. ago. She is the sweetest little 3 yr old Yorkie. Her former owners had her vocal cords cut so when she barks it's only a whisper. She's got the cutest personality and very loving! - Donna Pilar DiFalco



Thanks pet parents! Keep up the good work! If you want to adopt a pet or you know someone who might send them to our DogWork adoption page!

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