The Most Popular Dog in America: The Labrador Retriever

What makes a Labrador Retriever America’s favorite dog? Could it be there kind temperament or how easy they are to train? Or maybe it is their beauty and beautiful coat, black or blond, which doesn’t shed much or require much grooming. From their onset many years ago in Britain they were trained to be a person’s partner and helper, enthusiastic, useful and friendly. So maybe the better question is when are you adopting one.


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The Labrador Retriever is the true family dog. This pup is as comfortable playing gently with the kids or tagging along on a hunting or fishing excursion. They are dogs that loved to be trained and given tasks. The only warning would be to make sure you train them well, and at a young age, because Labs get big and strong very quickly and stay set in their ways.

Your lab can be golden, black or chocolate and will be a medium to large dog in adulthood. Aim for an athletic build as these dogs are more comfortable and healthy when fit and slim. They were bred as fisherman’s helpers so they will be at home in the water not least of which because of their webbed feet and strong propeller tails.


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A Labrador Retriever just might be the perfect pet for you.



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