Fundraising Opportunities

You can always help your local animal shelter with different fundraising Ideas, specially if you create your own event with your company and your employee's dogs. Talk to your employer about creating a " Bring Your Dog To Work Day." If you are part of a large company it will surely create great free PR and goodwill for your company, specially if you let the media know in advance about the event. You can also get your local animal shelter to participate with you, they also know very well how to spread the word around with the media.

The first thing is to pick the right day of the week according to your company schedule, Fridays usually works best, but any day would do.

You can create and advance signing sheet, where employees can register, and you can charge $10 admission per dog. Employees should provide proof of current dog immunizations. Also it's important that employees don't bring dogs "in season," that can create all kind of problems. All money collected then would be donated to your local shelter.
"Bringing Tour Dog To Work Day" can be a lot of fun. You can have prizes for "Friendlies Dog," Best "dog-owner look alike," and so on.

You can also get employee participation by just making it fun and silly, but at the same time keeping the message upfront that "we are all doing this to help the animals at the local shelter." If your boss is an animal lover, this should be a piece of cake.
According to a recent online survey, two-thirds of dog owners said they would put in longer hours if they could bring their dog to work.

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