DogWork Salutes our Armed Forces Dogs

Did you know that as of last Christmas 2012 a bill signed by President Obama ensures that all army dogs get a return flight home and healthcare for the rest of their lives? Thanks for these photos Phil!




Thanks to dog lovers like you who support the nest interest of all pups this simple step has become a reality. Looking good Pvt. VanBuskirk and Dog Heidi!




There are over 3000 dogs currently serving the United States of America, in roles that are uniquely suited to a dog's abilities. Here we are with Daniel and Diesel.




Check out our armed service tribute video




The most common breed of dog to get selected for service is the Belgian Malinois breed.The Belgian Malinois is smaller than the German Shepherd, allowing it to move through tighter spaces, while sharing many of the same characteristics of intelligence and obedience but with less risk of getting hip dysplasia. They are fast and enjoy being put to work.

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Army dogs are chosen for their strength and speed as well as for their obedience, temperament and bravery. Almost any breed of dog could be selected.


Let's not forget our human soldiers who train and assist these brave dogs. Thanks for ensuring our safety and liberty.

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