Adventure Becomes You, Dog

This story starts with a stick, as many dog stories do.

5 Year Old Lab Catching Her Stick Copy

There are dogs all over who are looking for love.


Often times they will gather and just sit there and stare at you and wait for a pat on the head or a tummy rub.


It can be tiring waiting for you all day, even as you slave away at work or come home with groceries in both hands, too busy to play.

Best Friends Copy

Your pes bring you presents and hints that they just want to please you and see you happy.


Maybe they even strike a pose that says "just relax, take a page from our books, this life is your to lead but once and there's only really time for love, happiness and treats."

Dogs Chillin ! Copy

Someties dogs and people get sick but we work together to make each other feel better.

I Just Lost My Eye To Glaucoma .   Copy

We know that laughter and smiles are the best medicine.

Little Prince , The Self -proclaimed Prince Of Chicago , As The King Copy

And even if it takes a while to sink in, that is what we are here for.

Penny Our JRT Loves Rolling On Her Back And Showing Me Her Pearly Whites In The Morning ! Copy

And before you know it it is time to play, to have fun, and to enjoy all of the moments that make up our lives together.

Pepper 's Favorite Thing In The Whole World Copy


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