A Horse and DogWork Show

DogWork is all about love of animals and after dogs and cats horses tend to be one of the most common animals to interact with. This is our tribute to horses, dogs and people.

In the beginning horses could talk to one another. Well, that much is obvious. But also sometimes a little boring.

"Hey, what's up? Any good grass?"

"Grass? i love grass. There is some good grass here."

"Yeah I like this grass."

And it goes on...


But then horses decided to branch out and try to chat with people. People have some great qualities, thought the horses, but they were not great listeners. With them everything is "take me here" or "carry this". 914193_478891465515335_897779219_o

People like horses and even worship them in some places, but they don't really listen.


It turns out dogs make great listeners.


And so the relationship begins. Dogs on the farm, horses on the farm, it's a regular town hall meeting.


Sometimes dogs and horses even figure out how to work together to d great things. OK, not great things but interesting things...


All over the world the relationship between horses and dogs spread and thus the term dog and pony show.


And horses teach their little foals and dogs teach their little pups and the story continues.


Because once you make a great friend it's hard to give that up.


Now it's time to get on with our horse and dog adventures.


Which will be followed promptly by a nap.


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