4th of July: Are Your Pets at Risk?

The 4th of July is one of the most festive holidays of the summer to celebrate everything red, white and blue. Some people even remember that this is a day to remember the signing of a declaration of independence that has granted Americans some of the most humanistic rights inthe modern world. But mostly we just love barbecues, fireworks and pool parties. UNfortunately, many of the things that make this holiday so great also put the lives of our dogs and cats in danger.


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The auditory capabilities of dogs and cats is much greater than our own and they can become more easily frightened by the loud noises of fireworks. July 4th is the most common day for pets to run away from home and they do it in large part trying to escape the fireworks noise.

Big crowds, Hot Barbecues and Pools


Are your pets people friendly? You hav to know your pet before bringing them to a party where lots of new hands may be trying to pet them. At the same time having a dog moving around near an open grill is asking for trouble. Keep an eye on your dog around cooking areas. If you haven't seen your dog swimming you can't be sure they can. People thing all dogs can swim but this is not always the case. Be your dog's lifeguard when they are out by the pool.


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