#1 on our list of Top Dog Breeds is the Quintessential Man's Best Friend: The Golden Retriever

No breed of dog is more emblematic of the species dubbed man's best friend than the Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers were bred in Scotland to be superb hunting companions for the chilly and wet climate. As the breed has evolved alongside their humans, Golden Retrievers have become gentle and playful dogs with strong personalities.


The Golden Retriever has a beautiful face, descriptive and empathetic in a way that conveys emotions very readily. Golden Retrievers are also famous for their beautiful golden blonde coats that insulate well in the cold weather but remain manageable in the heat. Goldens can be heavy shedders and require regular brushing.


From a young age Golden Retriever puppies are very active and inquisitive. As they age these dogs require a lot of exercise and engagement. A Golden Retriever puppy will assign itself a task and then follow it through at a very young age – if you have a newspaper you need transported this is the pooch to ask.


A Golden retriever is a smart and responsible dog that would love to be part of your family.



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