Fleas, Your Dog and How to Stay Safe



Fleas are pretty smart when you stop and think about it. They find a nice vessel to hop onto (your dog or cat!) and they use your pet’s body to eat, travel and breed. But they are gross and pesky and they can become a danger to your pet. If you live somewhere where the mercury rises above freezing (lucky North Polers!) you, your pets and your household are at risk of a flea infestation.



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If you see lots of scratching or scratch marks, missing fur or rashes, you might suspect fleas. Well, get in there, pet parent! You have to verify that it is in fact fleas and if you can’t be sure it’s time to call the vet.  Once you are certain that your dog or cat does have fleas it is time to get aggressive with a treatment.

A de-lousing for your pet might be in order, as well as a careful clean-up of your home.



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The next step is to find the right pesticide to ensure that your dog or cat doesn’t have to repeat the awful process of playing host to a family of fleas. 



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